Carolina Pad File Folders – Because Beige is Boring!

Carolina Pad File Folders – Because Beige is Boring!

Carolina Pad - Striped Green File Folders

I know it and Carolina Pad knows it – beige is boring.  And uninspiring.  Really, really uninspiring.

Most of the standard beige file folders last a long time – but they don’t look great doing it.

You know how it is – you use a file folder for awhile and the corners start fraying. You put a label on the tab. As the weeks and months wear on, so do the corners of file folder. You set your coffee cup on top of it and *poof* additional decoration that doesn’t look so good. At some point, you jot notes on the inside cover or tape a business card in there.

Let’s be real – all of these actions do not lend themselves to re-use of the beat up beige folder.

Thankfully, Carolina Pad knows there’s a better way. They’ve created file folders that are gorgeous. They’ve turn boring beige on its head and created something fun and functional.

Some of the great details of their file folders include:

  • Colors – lots of colors and patterns to choose from
  • A durable plastic coating that stands up well to daily use
  • Tabs that are easy to label but won’t fall apart when you’re ready for a change
  • If you’re re-using, you have the option of turning the file inside out for a different look – they’re reversible, so it’s like getting two folders in one!

I did a quick video review to show you what I’m talking about. Click here to watch.

If you’re ready to purchase, visit Carolina Pad for options!

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