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NO-gotiation How Bad Do You Want It

I was listening to a writer’s group podcast the other day and the caller was asking for advice about how to find time to write. One of the moderators (both of whom are writers) gave some really good suggestions

pause and ponder the sky

I just finished teaching my first two sessions created from my newest book Ponder This.  It was an exercise in pausing and pondering business and life. As participants were leaving, they told me, “This was great – very provocative!”

perfectionism equals procrastination

Have you ever seen a little kid fighting with another little kid over a toy? They push and pull and play a really bratty version of “keep away.” There might be yelling, screaming, or even an epic temper tantrum.

seeing what you expect to see

I’ve had three different experiences of not seeing what’s right in front of me. Three in a row makes me go, “Hmmm…” The first time this happened, I was sitting on the patio of a local restaurant. Our waitress

fishing lessons

Friday night found me attending a fly-fishing film festival at our local Oscar Blues Brewery. Being that I neither drink beer nor fly-fish, I wasn’t completely sure what I was in for. The first short film started and I

I got amazingly great responses to Tuesday’s blog about slowing down. One reader even said, “We are so used to the go, go, go that just sitting and enjoying watching the birds singing feels like the business police will

In the fall of 2012, I finished and published my first book. It was a proud moment and allowed me to check a huge item off my Bucket List. In order to spread the word about my book, I

There’s one surefire way for me to find clarity and that’s to go hiking. I get out in the forest among the trees and rocks and flowers. I suck wind as I trudge up the mountain trails. There’s not

Just out of curiosity, have you considered that being disorganized isn’t the real issue – that it might just be your cover story? That your supposed lack of productivity might actually mean something? Or that your procrastination is a

I didn’t write yesterday’s Day of Organizing and immediately felt like I was doing it wrong. We spent Christmas up in D.C. with my family and had a long car-trip home on Saturday. My hubby is sick with a