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I’ll admit it…I was a tiny bit nervous about interviewed for a television show. Would I know what to say? What if I accidentally said a swear word? And the important stuff – what to wear? Makeup? I don’t

Scroll down for the invitation I’ve been promising…but first… I want to contrast a couple of conversations I’ve had with business owners in the last few weeks. The conversations say a lot about the success or struggle a business

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been meeting with “Ron.” Ron’s business is growing quickly. He’s seeing his To Do list increase and he’s feeling his overwhelm beginning to creep upwards. He’d been managing to run his business by

Seriously, when you think of getting organized, are you trying to drink from the proverbial “firehose?” It’s something I’ve talked to potential clients about a lot over the last couple weeks. First, what do these conversations sound like? Imagine

Recently, I showed a client how to get out of email overwhelm. He went from 17,000 messages in his inbox down to less than 5,000 in just two hours with me. Ok, ok, I know these numbers maybe don’t

Last week’s newsletter about business success really struck a chord. I had more than a couple people respond to compliment me on my writing and story-telling abilities. If you missed last week’s note, click here to read it now.

I was thumbing through Inc. Magazine recently when their Data Bank numbers caught my eye. “Fifty-one percent of business owners worry about losing clients.” This particular statistic jumped out at me because of a client meeting I have coming

It’s true – finally getting your head wrapped around this one system will change everything. Except I don’t know what the system is. But you do… It’s that one system that sort of works, but sort of doesn’t. It