Life Coaching Packages

Life Coaching Packages

Ready to sign up for life coaching with me?

Angie Mattson Stegall speaking to WWBC Conference June 2017


Life coaching with me gets you massive clarity, a plan of action, and renewed energy…often very quickly!

The GREATEST benefit of my life coaching is the SPEED at which I help you go from where you are, to where you WANT to be (even if you don’t quite know where that is yet).

Here are your choices:

1. Single Strategic Call (60 minutes)

During this 60-minute call, you have one single issue want to bring to the session. You want a chance to talk it through and to receive feedback from me based on my 14+ years in business, my 44+ years in life, and with a bit of spiritual guidance thrown in. $175 (one-time payment)

*Current and past clients – please reach out for a special rate for a single strategic call*

2. Clarity, Planning, Action Package (Four calls)

With this package you’re asking for space and time to find clarity, to dive deep into conversation, and for the opportunity to strategically think “outside-the-box.” This is you giving yourself the opportunity to think out loud and receive thoughtful feedback. Once you’ve had a chance to work things through, you’ll be off with a plan and getting things done!

  • By telephone or Zoom video chat (private)
  • Four (4) 60-minute calls to use as you need them (but within 5 months of purchase)
  • Pop up coaching available by phone or email between sessions (these are for quick questions/coaching)
  • $499.00 (one time payment)

3. Deep Dive + Action Package (Nine calls)

Here’s where BIG magic happens. In the Deep Dive + Action Package, we’ll dive deep into your vision, strategy, skillset, mindset/heartset, and energy. We’ll craft a plan that makes your veins hum and lights you up like fireworks. Then you move into action using your now-clarified goals and action plan. This is where you have the opportunity to do some deep inner work and where some compassionate ass-kicking might come into play. Just sayin’.


    • By telephone or Zoom video chat (private)
    • First call is a 90 minute intake session + 8 additional 60-minute calls (9 call total) to use as you wish (but within 10 months of purchase)
    • Pop up coaching available by phone or email between sessions (these are for quick questions/coaching)
    • $990.00 (single payment.. or three payments of $360)

4. Deep Dive 2-day Retreat

This Deep Dive VIP 2-day Retreat is focused 100 percent on you, your business (or vision for a business), and your LIFE.  We’ll begin with an hour-long Clarity Call before your Deep Dive Day so I can understand how to personalize your day.  Your Deep Dive 2-Day Retreat can cover any or every aspect of your business within the framework of my Five Essential Business Systems (TM) plus any number of LIFE issues (just remember Life Coaching isn’t therapy). We’ll map out actionable steps, discuss delegation, asking for and receiving support, and other life strategies. Plus, we’ll even schedule the time on your calendar so you can visualize how to take consistent, deliberate action with your plan once your Deep Dive 2-Day Retreat is over.

      • Three 60-minute telephone or Zoom video calls (One before and two after your Deep Dive Day)
      • Two Days lodging and meals at a location TBD by both of us
      • Lunch together, courtesy of Angie
      • Detailed written review of the retreat (delivered w/in one week of your Deep Dive 2-Day Retreat)
      • Investment: $2, 500

Payments are made through Paypal. Your statement will reflect payments to “Your Organized Guide, Inc.”