angie stegall

The best compliment I ever received from a client:

Angie, you are like a bazooka that explodes walls!”

There are hidden stories buried within each of your stories (and mine, too). They hold clues about your past, present, and future…your behaviors, the words you use, and how you “be” in the world. This often shows up as chaos, disorganization, overwhelm, tossed together with a whole lot of “I don’t know” answers.

As your mentor, my goal is to help you uncover your hidden stories. To bring them to light, examine them, and get curious about how those stories might be holding you back.

Then I guide you to move from where you are to where you want to be as quickly as you’re able.

I relish exploring issues of the heart and Soul. In a way that is both illogical and perfectly logical, I partner with Spirit and receive guidance. Because of this internal guidance, I am often moved to ask questions that help us get right to the heart of the matter. That moment you get an “Ah-Ha” realization because of my asking a penetrating question – that’s my greatest joy.

Once we dig through root causes of the chaos, disorganization, and overwhelm, and see how those are stopping you, we can then dream up fresh, creative ideas about how you’d like life to be. Finally, I support you in taking teeny-tiny small steps as you move into action to begin living your newly created story (based your telling the truth about what you want and being 100% okay with asking for it).

I write, teach, and mentor on the importance of getting quiet in order to get to the heart of the matter.  I believe life isn’t about doing more, better…it’s about doing less, and doing it really well.

My four books and Manifesto support my vision to make a ruckus in the world. I mentor leaders who are ready to ask BIG questions, explore new perspectives, and think outside the boring box.

I’m the best “Get the Hell Out of My Way, I’m Doing Great Stuff” Empower-er you could ask for!

My books include:

  • Focus on Five – How to Organize Your Five Essential Business Systems
  • How Your Disorganization is Stealing Your Time, Your Attention and Your Health
  • Ponder This – How Everyday Experiences Deliver Unexpected Insights in Business and Life
  • Make Some Room –Powerful Life Lessons Inspired by a 16-day Colorado River Rafting Trip through Grand Canyon

Other stuff about me: I won the 2014 Women’s Business Award (author category) at the 5th annual Women’s Business Conference (which was totally cool, by the way, and very unexpected) and I’m a Founding Member of the Brevard Authors Guild.

My B.A. is in Organizational Communications from Queens University of Charlotte and used to be a Licensed Veterinary Technician (Yes, really. I was a nurse for animals).

I love coffee. Seriously. It’s a thing for me.

My husband Nelson and I are on a personal mission to “have less and live more” with our two Labradors and one yellow cat in Brevard, NC.