Pollypockets and Why You’re in Business

Pollypockets and Why You’re in Business

My clients are smart, motivated, and driven.

But more than that, they’re clear about why they’re in business – and the why includes both personal AND professional reasons.

For instance, one of my long-term clients walked into our most recent meeting and confessed he was having a bad day. A really bad
day. He was NOT excited about having to dig into systems and processes for his business with me. Not. Excited. At. All.

Rather than letting him wallow in a bad mood, I took him back to something we discussed when we first met. It’s the REAL reason he’s
in business and it’s the real reason he made the decision to work with me.

That reason – his soul-filled why?


Yup, the very silly kids game. His deepest desire was to have a business that allowed him time to sit on the floor and play
Pollypockets with his girls anytime he wanted to – and anytime they wanted to.

As I helped him reconnect with that deep why, he was able to shake off that bad mood and get down to work with me.  And it was really,
really good work that day.

If YOU are struggling in your business, take a moment today to think about your why.

If your business isn’t supporting your personal and professional why, ask yourself what has to happen to make it so.

And if getting your business in better order will help you achieve this, then you already have access to the answer – and it works!

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P.S. My why includes freedom, flexibility and variety – for me AND for my clients. – and it’s been the same since I started this
business in 2003.

P.S.S. And my Pollypockets client? He’s said several times now, “Angie, what you’re helping me do with my business is SO important.
Not only does my work help me feed my kids, but transforming this business so I can have time to BE with my kids – I’d pay anything
for that.”  What’s YOUR why? And what would you do to get it?

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