busy is a bullshit word in grand canyon

Busy is a bullshit word. Stop saying it. Choose to say something real. While we were on the river, navigating rapids especially, there were times when we were fast, furious, and focused. We did what we had to do

#UNPLUG quiet morning in the Canyon

Reclaim your nights and weekends. #UNPLUG   After our Grand Canyon trip, Nelson and I returned home to a mountain of mail. Lots of junk, too many credit card offers (feh!), and a bill or three. My favorite part

Vulcans Anvil by Jenni Miehle

Laugh often and loudly There’s a thing that everyone waits for on a rafting trip through Grand Canyon. That thing is big, gnarly, and gives pause to even the most experienced oarsmen. That thing is Lava Rapid. Lava is

Be bold. Be brave. Take action. Even if you’re scared shitless while doing it. I always joke that I was designed for comfort, not for speed. Whitewater terrifies me because of the speed at which things happen. A few

Be discerning about where you spend your energy (reading, doing, watching, eating). My husband Nelson and I are both self-employed. When our friends approached us in January of 2013 to ask us if we wanted to claim two seats

Take the time, get quiet, feel into it. Immerse yourself. Grand Canyon is a harsh place, full of extremes, but is also a place of profound beauty. Part of the magic of such an immersive trip as the Grand

Lots of stuff Grand Canyon

Getting organized is work. Staying organized is habit. On any epic trip, but especially on Grand Canyon trips, there’s so much to organize and plan: Gear (backpacks, sleeping gear, boats, etc.) Food Emergency equipment People (and in some cases

Two minutes now saves hours later A no-brainer on the Canyon is to spend two minutes checking ropes and tie-downs before running any rapids. There are horror stories of tie-downs that weren’t checked. The raft flips in a rapid

Evening Grand Canyon

  It is easier to keep up than to catch up. Admittedly, the part of my Grand Canyon trip that I found least appealing was packing and unpacking the boats each day. The set up and tear down routines

Rigging at the put in Grand Canyon weblarge

Make Some Room Chapter One: Your brain is not for remembering. “Never memorize something you can look up.” Albert Einstein My group of 16 brave souls floated, rowed, and paddled the emerald waters of the Colorado River through Grand