I have rafted and kayaked thousands of miles. As a kid, we rafted the American River in Sacramento, CA each summer. In college, I took canoeing as part of my PE credit courses. And in 1998, my brother and


One this first day of 31 Notes from Nature, let’s practice something deceptively simple: find your stillness. I took this photo one fall day when I was out hiking in the Coconino National Forest. After crashing around in the

you can sleep when you are dead

You know the saying, “You can sleep when you’re dead”…? I hate that saying. You know why? Cuz if I don’t sleep, I wish I was dead. I’m a minimum of nine hours, but sometimes 12 hour sleeper. If

In June of this year, I gave the morning keynote talk at the Western Women’s Business Center’s annual conference. I spoke about my Grand Canyon trip, which also inspired my fourth book Make Some Room, and how I learned to

Our motorhome Gru

There is a Swahili saying that I’ve been clinging to recently: Life has meaning in the struggle.  Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the gods…. so let us celebrate the struggles.” I haven’t written a blogpost here

Once, a client of mine tried to introduce me to his team. He looked over at me and said, “I don’t know what to call you because you won’t tell me.” I’ve had this problem for several years, but


Through many years of coaching and consulting with people, I’ve come to realize they always come to me with a “Truthache.” It usually masquerades as a problem declared like this: If I could just find the right system… If

31 notes from nature

As the winds of change are blowing in…I’m introducing 31 Notes from Nature to help beat back the crazies. Here’s a bit of back-story first… I’m reflecting on the mid-October ‘unplugged” retreat my husband Nelson and I hosted for nine business

Strange magic has been happening in business land for me and things have taken a decidedly different turn this year. Here’s what’s been happening: 1. I lost interest in writing after I published my fourth book this summer. I don’t know