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In a nutshell

What I really do as a Wayfinder is help you get in touch with your own inner guidance, to go into the unknown, to feel more subtlety, and to allow your feelings to be a guide rather than your mind. I help you to become present to what is right now in this moment.

Deep down, you know what you want … you may have just pushed it away, temporarily forgotten, or believe you can’t/shouldn’t have it. And that’s part of the stuckness and lack of clarity. The good news still is: I can help!


Angie Mattson Stegall is a Wayfinder and an award-winning author of four books. She holds a BA in Organizational Communications from Queens University of Charlotte.

She started Life Coach training through Martha Beck in 2018 in order to obtain certification.  Tools she uses on herself and with her clients include the Change Cycle, Body Compass, and Internal Family Systems. She coaches business owners, business professionals, and other individuals to help them create lives they love and to focus on work that supports those satisfying life choices.

Angie speaks to a variety of business professionals about productivity, organization, and time management to companies and organizations like Duke Energy, MassMutual, BlueCross BlueShield of NC, FemCity (formerly Femfessionals), Sisters United, and eWomen. She’s worked with executives and their teams at Duke Energy, MassMutual, Doosan, Kuebler Inc., and Corning as well as with dozens of small business owners and their teams.

Angie has been featured on the show “Great Ideas” from CPCC TV, courtesy of WTVI-PBS Charlotte. She was interviewed on NPR/WFAE’s Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins and has had her advice featured in the New York Times. She’s created curriculum for all four of her books and has taught at Small Business Centers at community colleges across North Carolina.


Personally, Angie and her husband Nelson live, work, and travel the country in a Class A motorhome with their black lab “Rex” and a big orange cat named “Hobbes.”. Angie and her husband live to travel and love immersive experiences, like taking a private 16-day Colorado River rafting trip through Grand Canyon and spending 11 days on a self-supported raft adventure covering all 149 miles of the French Broad River through NC and TN. In 2016 they completed a 6,000 mile road trip to see Glacier, Yellowstone, and the Badlands National Parks and Devil’s Tower National Monument. In 2017 they traveled 10,000 miles back and forth across the country to visit the Rocky Mountains, Zion National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, The Petrified Forest National Park, and the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, Alabama. They sincerely believe taking time away from their businesses regularly keeps them more engaged in every aspect of life.

Angie has been interviewed many times on a variety of radio and TV sources:

  • Interviewed for the show “Great Ideas” from CPCC TV, courtesy of WTVI-PBS Charlotte: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9ehN-molVo (go to minute 12:19 to start Angie’s interview)
  • Interviewed about “Digitally decluttering your life” on NPR/WFAE’s Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins: http://wfae.org/post/decluttering-your-home-and-digital-life
  • Submitted advice to the New York Timesabout staying focused while working from home: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/16/jobs/home-office-requires-a-businesslike-attitude.html?_r=2
  • She’s been published numerous times in Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and WNC Woman Magazine: visit for links – http://yukonandbean.com/angie-stegall-travel-writer-copywriter/
  • She’s been interviewed on numerous podcasts, including: “The Brave Entrepreneur” Podcast with Jena Rodriguez, “Plum Deluxe” Podcast with Andy Haynes, “Uncommon Wisdom” Podcast with Adrienne Craighead and Julie Tache, Authors Talk About It” Podcast with Rob and Janelle Alex, “The Art of Non-Conformity” with Chris Guillebeau, and “Speaking of Travel” with Marilyn Ball.



Clients say:

“Angie absolutely was a game-changer. She took what I was already doing and helped me transform them into activities that were more effective. I bought myself a bunch of time, which is a finite resource. Working with Angie was life and business changing.” Frank Schwartz, LEC Media, NC

“Angie has an uncanny ability to discern what it most important to advancing your value proposition…In short, Angie quickly diagnosed the underlying issues and helped me find the courage (and the time!) to make some meaningful changes and held me accountable so I could start doing the work that truly feeds my soul.” Chris McCleod, Chapel Hill, NC

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