Make Some Room

After a 16-day, 225 mile, self-supported rafting trip on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon, a manifesto was born! This manifesto and book are all about helping you make some room in your life for what matters most to you.

“Make Some Room is fantastic! I couldn’t stop reading it. I read it cover to cover last night and today.

Congratulations on a powerful and useful book that connects transcendent experiences on the river with practical, everyday solutions. I wish everyone would declutter their lives and focus more on what matters to them; you’ve given readers outstanding suggestions and concrete steps for achieving a more real and meaningful life. The threats to the Grand Canyon were also eye-opening. I’d heard about a few of the problems, but I wasn’t aware of the specifics and the collective danger they pose to America’s most iconic park. Thank you for sharing this book with me — and with the world. I know it will touch hearts and change lives.”                        Will Harlan, Editor in Chief, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine

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Make Some Room Manifesto

Date : 2016

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