trust your gut

I remember sitting in a half-day VIP session with a long-term client and watching her strategize around her team and what was needed for the future growth of the business. When she took a breath, I looked at her

I was driving through the campground last week and wanted to share two miracles that happened. One was absolutely a message from Nature and one was a fourth repetition of a message I keep getting. Miracle One: I was

An interesting thing hasĀ been happening as I’ve work with clients the last couple months. It’s more than a trend; I think it’s a cry from hearts that are ready to be healed. Over and over, I’m speaking to clients


When I was in my early twenties, I went to see a therapist. I was struggling trying to figure out who I was because I felt like I really didn’t know. What I did know for sure was I


I had the most interesting conversation during a session with a client about one of her “sacred cows.” Her particular “sacred cow” is not important. The fact that she has one that is running her life does matter…A LOT.

Yesterday, I was reading an issue of Paddling Magazine. The founder and publisher had written his opening letter and a few paragraphs caught my attention. And it probably caught my attention because I’ve had four deeply interesting conversations about

Is it really true that you don’t know what to do?” I asked this question of a prospective client during an emotion-filled phone Clarity call. I could hear her hesitation. I could feel her frustration. “No,” she said. “I

  One of my conundrums is trying to explain to people what I “do” when I work with clients. It’s easy to explain consulting and to discuss organization or systems and processes. It’s a whole other thing entirely to

Sometimes questions lodge under my skin. They cause me to sit and ponder. To walk and ponder. To shower and ponder. All this pondering is an invitation to just be boldly honest with myself. The most recent question that


Rha Goddess, Founder + CEO of Move the Crowd says: Now is the time. Even when we’re in the thing we built , even when it doesn’t serve us anymore, we’re afraid to make the change.