My life has been a journey, and an especially exciting and slightly chaotic one for the last eight years. I met my husband Nelson on the internet in 2011. And when you’ve found your person, you know it. Soon

I am a tiny bit obsessed with people and their “becoming” (or their unbecoming, which I really, really LOVE). I’m re-reading Oprah’s interview with Michelle Obama from the December 2018 issue O Magazine. They are discussing Michelle Obama’s fabulous

trust your gut

I remember sitting in a half-day VIP session with a long-term client and watching her strategize around her team and what was needed for the future growth of the business. When she took a breath, I looked at her

I was driving through the campground last week and wanted to share two miracles that happened. One was absolutely a message from Nature and one was a fourth repetition of a message I keep getting. Miracle One: I was

An interesting thing hasĀ been happening as I’ve work with clients the last couple months. It’s more than a trend; I think it’s a cry from hearts that are ready to be healed. Over and over, I’m speaking to clients


When I was in my early twenties, I went to see a therapist. I was struggling trying to figure out who I was because I felt like I really didn’t know. What I did know for sure was I


I had the most interesting conversation during a session with a client about one of her “sacred cows.” Her particular “sacred cow” is not important. The fact that she has one that is running her life does matter…A LOT.

Yesterday, I was reading an issue of Paddling Magazine. The founder and publisher had written his opening letter and a few paragraphs caught my attention. And it probably caught my attention because I’ve had four deeply interesting conversations about

Is it really true that you don’t know what to do?” I asked this question of a prospective client during an emotion-filled phone Clarity call. I could hear her hesitation. I could feel her frustration. “No,” she said. “I

  One of my conundrums is trying to explain to people what I “do” when I work with clients. It’s easy to explain consulting and to discuss organization or systems and processes. It’s a whole other thing entirely to