2018 is here. The world appears to be in turmoil. Broken, somehow. But, *I* am different. I have spent the last few years in deep inquiry about myself – who I really am, what matters to me, what my

what matters

What Matters What matters is that you do not pretend you do not hear the water’s ancient melody over stones in the river, and you do not turn away from the questions ringing inside you like bells in the

you are nature

Have you ever noticed how: Leaves dance in the wind? Water falls like tears? Raindrops bounce and leap? Trees sway? Rocks skip across a surface? Wolves howl at the moon? Rabbits sit and watch? Vines swing in the breeze?

Can you be this relaxed?

Nature wants me to remind you that your body is an animal. And to remember that animals aren’t meant to be “on guard” 24/7/365. In life, you will have moments of awareness, moments of flight, and many more moments

trees wise counsel (c) Nelson Stegall Photography

My friend Jeni has a special relationship with the trees. She visits them often for companionship and wise counsel. I asked her if I could share a story of her seeking and receiving counsel from the trees and here’s

Gift of a vase from the French Broad River

I believe in magic and miracles. If you haven’t heard me say this before, hear me now. I believe because over and over I have the most interesting things happen to me that feel like odd coincidence or divine

how to

I wanted to share a lovely “How To” that I discovered during a morning meditation. Matt Haig’s book Reasons to Stay Alive offers some beautiful advice. While this isn’t 100% nature-focused, it does speak to your whole person. Simple

a day of celebration

Today is a day of celebration with my family. We gather, give gifts and thanks, and share meals. When I read this poem (and poems seem to be speaking to me this round of 31 Notes from Nature), it

Broken Open

In Elizabeth Lesser’s book Marrow, she shares the journey of her sister’s bone cancer. This book is full of wisdom, sorrow, joy, and love. Throughout the book, the author’s sister shares her thoughts, too. Many of them center around gardening,

Fish On copyright Ken Voyles 2017

This 23rd Note from Nature comes courtesy of my friend Ken Voyles. He (like my brother) is an avid (read: obsessed) fisherman. Ken also is passionate about fly fishing and spends many hours fishing mountain creeks and streams. Here’s