Do you know what I mean when I say “E-clutter?” I bet you do! And I bet you’re starting to drown in it. So, what are the symptoms of E-clutter? Take a look at your desktop – the one

See the piles on your desk? On top of the bookcase? On the floor? Notice how little room there is in your filing cabinet? BUT – oh how lucky you are! The phones are quiet and the email is

So you watched the first video with basic shortcut keys, yes? And you watched the second video with intermediate shortcut keys? Well, here’s the third and final video with more advanced shortcut keys. Practice using them often and pretty

In an entrepreneur’s quest to find clarity and get out of overwhelm, I find that many of them are asking the wrong questions. Rather than asking, “How can I fit this extra task or project into my already busy

Exercising what I call “The Power of NO” is a learned skill and a wonderful way to stay organized and focused. Learn to say “No” when the request doesn’t work for you. And don’t apologize, qualify, or otherwise explain.

Ok, so these are supposed to be business tips, but I just LOVE this residential organizing tip for closets that are stuffed full of clothes. (And I bet most of you are reading this at home anyway). Ok, so

It seems like creating the filing system – or the act of filing – is one of the biggest headaches people face. Here’s how it usually works: a piece of paper arrives in your office. You look at it.

I know, I know – I can hear all you business owners and managers groaning. You think delegation is a cost of doing business. You think delegation means MORE work. Recently, I heard someone explain delegation and outsourcing like

Ever notice how work expands to fill the time available? Want to know how to rein that in, especially if you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck? Even if you are a self-motivated person, setting a deadline

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