Instead of being busy (Day 9 of 31 Days of Organizing)

Instead of being busy (Day 9 of 31 Days of Organizing)

I know you say it. I know I catch myself my saying it, even though it’s one of my pet peeves:

“I’m so busy!”

Part of my Make Some Room Manifesto contains “bad words.” The part of my Manifesto related to “being busy” is intentionally provocative:

Busy is a bullshit word. Choose to say something real instead.

Saying you’re busy is like saying you’re fine. It doesn’t mean anything and it often really means you’re unwilling to share what you’re truly feeling or experiencing.

If you’ve never seen the movie The Giver (and I highly recommend it, if you haven’t), the characters will often say, “Precision of language, please.”

Interestingly, precision of language is actually a way to help organize your intentions and actions.

Instead of being “busy” – be specific:

“I’m working on a great project right now. The hours are long and I’m working at my edge. It’s hard but satisfying!”

Instead of being “busy” – be honest:

“You know, things are difficult right now. I could use some support.”

Instead of being “busy” – be focused:

“Yes, there is a LOT going on. However, when I sit for a minute and list out what’s on my plate, I notice I have three priorities and seven tasks. Let me schedule out my time so I’m in control of my productivity.”

See how that works?

Instead of the stress and vague-ness of “busy” you can instead be specific, honest, and focused.

That feels a whole lot better than “busy” doesn’t it? And I think you’ll see an increase in the quality of your interactions and in your ability to get focused in order to get work done.

Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Make Some Room,


P.S. Sometimes organizing is an inside job FIRST! Not sure how to do this? I can help

P.P.S. I’m creating something for you to start 2105 right – by focusing on the INSIDE work. Stay tuned for details!

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