Raving Fans

Raving Fans – Wayfinding combined with Business coaching

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Murphy Funhouser Capps

“I have been “way finding” with Angie for four years. Ever since I first saw her speak, I knew she was someone I wanted on my “side”-grounded, powerful, straight forward yet compassionate and wise, Angie is the perfect mix of action and intuition. She has helped me navigate my path, both personally and professionally. She lovingly, but firmly “forces” me to choose where to place my energy and what is worth spending my time on. Business is not just business…it is an extension of your heart….and soul. Angie respects and understands that and is intent on getting you to do the same. I attribute a lot of my success as a business woman and my growth over the past few years to Angie’s guidance. If you are feeling stuck or lost…you need an Angie. Making the investment in her is an investment in you. Do it. You won’t regret it.” Murphy Funkhouser Capps, Kudzu Brands, Asheville/Black Mountain, NC

Forest-based Business Coaching (Intentional Forest Walking combined with Powerful Coaching)

Stacy Vitja - Everyday Light Worker“Working with Angie was phenomenal, and what has come out of spending just 1 day in the woods with her has been transformational.

I decided to do a “deep dive” with Angie because my business wasn’t moving in the right direction, and my response to trying to steer it toward something new was to “try harder.” The message was clear: I needed to step away from my usual approach and interrupt what could only be described as ‘too much effort.’ I was being asked to slow down and listen, I just wasn’t.

My day with Angie offered 3 very important outcomes.

For starters, a day in Nature with the leaves falling all around me was magical. My nervous system relaxed and I was able to connect back into a rhythm that I was missing. And, Angie’s facilitation of the day was masterful. She has an ability to listen deeply and engage in intentional conversation without it feeling forced. Through some lovely exercises and real conversation, I was able to see and hear myself in ways that provided true insight. Yet the day was not just about the trees and conversation, it also created room for me to envision what I was going to do with what I was unveiling. I drove home thinking, not about what was holding me back, but where I was inspired to move ahead.

This for me was one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in a long while.”

Stacy Vajta, The Everyday Lightworker

A Holistic Approach to Small business coaching and Productivity

“I delayed seeking professional business coaching because like most small business owners – I was too busy! But Angie was highly recommended so I met her and decided to sign up for one of her packages. I am already feeling better and seeing things more clearly and with a different perspective! With her help, I am digging my way out of ‘overwhelm’ and planning a new iteration to my business. She is a wonderful strategic thinker and can lead you from working thru your personal and business mission all the way to use of color in your office to be more efficient. She was exactly the ‘right person at the right time’ for me and my business.” Kathy Ridge, Levridge Resources

“Angie has an uncanny ability to discern what it most important to advancing your value proposition. She paid close attention and asked incisive questions that helped me break through my delusions about the work I am doing. While I hired Angie to help me organize my files (and we did that and more!), it was her pointed and thoughtful questions that helped me gain the clarity I needed to invest my time differently and recognize that my writing is what will build my brand and client base.  Moreover, Angie also helped me find the time by working with me to remap how I spend my work day. In short, Angie quickly diagnosed the underlying issues and helped me find the courage (and the time!) to make some meaningful changes and held me accountable so I could start doing the work that truly feeds my soul.” Chris McLeod, Giving Matters

“I would have never thought about working with an organizer on a book project. When I attended Angie’s Lunch & Learn a few months ago I realized that I needed help. I hired Angie to work with me on my planning and time management in order to complete my projects. I could not have made the same progress without Angie’s support. Angie helped me gain clarity and focus, and develop specific, timely tasks and deadlines that allowed me to stay on track and move forward to meet my goals. Not only have I met my goals, but I have exceeded them. Thank you, Angie!” Verena Martin, CCHT, SouthPark Hypnosis

Working with Angie Mattson Stegall was a game-changer

Client Testimonials – Working with Teams

“Angie has been an invaluable asset to my business. I have used her for one on one coaching, with the goal of time management and priority of urgent verses important. She also helped me define who we are with the written creation of our Vision statement, Purpose Statement, Mission statement and most importantly the creation of our core values. She not only helped pull the words from my thoughts, she created an implementation plan to involve my entire team. Angie never settles for the answer on the surface but instead keeps digging for the bigger answer. She has helped me beyond my expectations and I will continue to use her in the future. ” David Drummond, Carolina Sporting Arms


“I have attended 2 of Angie’s workshops through Blue Ridge Community college on focusing on the processes to make me more efficient and have a life outside work! Angie has a rare gift for recognizing the obstacles confronting entrepreneurs, and creating the individual system for achieving person goals. Thank you Angie!” Ginger Heskett, Text Ripple


“Angie has the skill and technique of a surgeon, recognizing the symptoms and going right to the root of the problem. She takes a holistic approach to organization and time management. Although I knew I could be doing things better and more efficiently, I had no idea how to get there. As soon as Angie and I started working together, she showed me the hows with a capital H! She helped me simplify processes and focus on what is truly important. The result? Everything is streamlined, simpler and I’m so much more productive. My only regret? I should have brought her in years ago.” Marcia Merrill, Red Rover Communications

“I was suffering from an over-flowing email inbox and my “to do” list was growing at a faster pace than my list of completed tasks.   I was anxious and feeling the stress that accompanies the recurring thought that there are not enough hours in the day to get the work done.  Angie provided a valuable service to me and my company.  She was very friendly as she evaluated our office procedures and environment.  She provided ideas and techniques to help me and my staff become more organized.  Angie told us that is was important to do less and do each task better then she showed us practical ways to put that philosophy in to practice.  Angie’s suggestions and tools allowed us to create systems for scheduling that are more efficient and allow our office to be more productive and responsive to our clients.” Beth W. Belk, PA, Certified Public Accountant

Consulting on Project Workflows

“Angie, you take abstract thoughts and ideas and put them into something that makes sense. You see the forest, we see the trees – I need your perspective to be effective. (Hmm, poet??)” Jeff Stoudt, PICA (Charlotte, NC)

Managing the Flood of Information and Email

“I like to be organized but have a hard time keeping up with everything while also running a growing business. In only 30 minutes, Angie helped me get past some of the mental blocks I had in place which were holding me back. She offered creative ways to handle the flood of incoming information and deal with the backlog of unprocessed email. Her enthusiasm in helping others get organized is contagious. This is vital counsel for every knowledge worker learning how to be more effective and enjoy their job more.” William McKee, Knowmad

Re-working Our Workflow

“My managers loved the work you did with them to make our administrative work-flow more efficient. It has freed up more of our time to focus on sales related tasks. YOU ROCK!!!” 
Laurie Leonard, Suite 1000

Creating Schedules and Systems that Work!

“After my business started to gain momentum, I found myself in total “react” mode.  There just wasn’t enough time to get processes and procedures in place and I found it difficult to do the necessary strategy work for my own business that I was so accustomed to doing in my previous corporate career.  Angie was the perfect solution!  She helped me assess and create a schedule structure that has worked extremely well, as well as suggested accounting procedures that have kept me clear on my income, expenditures and tax records.  Even if you have administrative skills, brainstorming with Angie will lead to insights and a plan to run your business (and your life!) more effectively and efficiently!  Thanks, Angie.” Aundrea Tucker, Pure Potential Wellness, LLC

Finding Peace of Mind with Clutter Control

“Angie can relieve you of the stress of not knowing what to do with too many things. Too many emails. Too many papers. Too many tasks. First, I hired her for an hour to get my emails under control. Recently, I hired her for a day, to get papers under control after a long, gradual moving process resulted in paper here, there, and I-don’t-know-where. In both cases, Angie asked about my working preferences and business before tailoring simple systems specific to my needs. Then she was right in there with me, filing and trashing and implementing her solutions. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind now by hiring Angie” Mary Storms, Storms Associates

Improved Systems, Improved Communication

“Angie did a great job working with all of us and helping us identify some systems improvements. The changes she suggested that my staff implemented are already making a difference. I see improved communication between our office and the agents and I know that will only get better as we continue to stick with the processes we put in place.  I know we will stay in touch and certainly if we have any other systems related issues we wouldn’t hesitate to call on your expertise. Thank you for delivering everything you promised. That is rare these days! I know I speak for all of use when I say thank you!” David V. Cove, CFP®, Vice President of Sales Operations, Hinrichs Flanagan Financial (Charlotte, NC)