Something is not working in your business. You’re feeling drained, overwhelmed, and overworked. And the sensation of dread keeps growing.
You’ve tried attending classes, participating in seminars, reading books, and you’ve maybe even hired a traditional business coach or consultant. But none of that has helped.

What you really need is: A safe space to be seen and heard. Someone who will challenge your assumptions. Someone to offer a different perspective. Clarity about what to do next A plan of action to make the needed changes. What you really need is – ME.

From DREAD to EXCITED, ENERGIZED, and RE-ENGAGED Why will this time be different? Simply put, you’ve been running 100 miles an hour and working A LOT. Coaching with me will allow you to slow down, evaluate where you’re at, and tell the truth about what isn’t working.


Ready to get started?


STEP 1 Schedule & Explore

Schedule a complimentary Clarity Session with me so we can diagnosis the issue. This is also when we decide if we’re a good fit to work together.

STEP 2 Discovery

During our sessions together, we’ll address the blocks that are keeping you stuck. As we eliminate them (through a combination of internal journeying, solo time in nature, and playful homework), your suffering will begin to ease. Plus, you’ll be learning new tools to take into the world that will help you stay clear, grounded, and present to what is.

STEP 3 Dream and Scheme

As we clear out what’s keeping you stuck, new possibilities and ideas emerge. I’m with you to help you when you get stuck, scared, and frustrated and to celebrate your wins along this important journey!

STEP 4 Plan and Act

You move confidently towards the vision you now see for yourself by taking one small step at a time. You finally have the clarity you were seeking!
You want to do work that matters and have a life you love. Let’s find the way together!

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