I help successful business owners who are hustling too much, living for everyone else, and running on fumes transform their work and lives in 90 days or less.

Hi, my name is Angie Stegall.

Wayfinding is my work. Nature provides the path. Stillness offers the answers.

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I believe that you don’t need to consume more information, take more courses, or hire more consultants. I believe the answers are inside you. I believe that you can hear your own inner wisdom and move into the world with quiet confidence after listening to what your inner wisdom shared with you. And I believe that in listening to your inner wisdom, you’ll begin to act as the real you and make choices that are integrity with what you truly desire.

If you feel exhausted from the hustle, the learning, and the “go big or go home” mentality of entrepreneurship and life, then you are in good company. I would ♡ to support you in finding your own inner voice and getting grounded in your own inner wisdom. I’d love you to support you as you practice being calm and centered. And I’d definitely love to practice forest therapy with you (called Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing) in order to deepen your connection to nature (your own and that of the outdoors). My goal is guide you to finding your true power and path in this world with integrity and wisdom.

If you’re interested in talking with me about Wayfinding, sign up now for a complimentary, no obligation 30-minute Clarity Session. CLICK HERE to check my calendar for next day availability.

Angie is a Martha Beck Certified
Wayfinder Life Coach