Come to the edge (bravery)

Come to the edge (bravery)

braveryRha Goddess, Founder + CEO of Move the Crowd says:

Now is the time. Even when we’re in the thing we built [a business or career], even when it doesn’t serve us anymore, we’re afraid to make the change. Afraid to make the leap. I believe all of us, if we’re really paying attention, are on the edge of something, some place where we’re being called and invited to be brave, in a way that we haven’t been brave before…”

Whether you’re in business for yourself or working on your career, you might be hearing this call to be brave in a whole new way and make a LEAP.

It’ll start as a whisper, but eventually, if you ignore it long enough, it might get delivered as a 2 x 4 smacking your life or business or career into pieces (ahem…or that may only have been my experience).

On Tuesday, I spoke to the North Carolina Association of Healthcare Quality at their annual conference. My topic was bravery as a tool to effectively manage your time and energy.

Bravery is ALSO a powerful self-leadership tool. It’s one that requires us to do things that scare us sometimes (okay, a lot of times…). To take action in a way we’ve never had to take action before.

But, doing things that might scare us (or plain old intimidate us) requires us to admit the things we want, see the changes that must be made, and to make choices. Then, we’ve got to get into action.

So, I’m curious gentle reader: where in your life, business, or career are you hearing this call…the call that’s asking for a new kind of bravery? Are you listening?

The voice is saying, “LEAP! It’s time!”

And you know it is. You’re feeling the fear as you stand there at the edge, but you’re considering LEAPING anyway.

If that’s you…want to consider LEAPING with me as your guide?

I’m looking for THREE new clients in April – would you like to be one of them?



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