Day 28: Wise counsel (31 Notes from Nature)

Day 28: Wise counsel (31 Notes from Nature)

My friend Jeni has a special relationship with the trees. She visits them often for companionship and wise counsel.

trees wise counsel (c) Nelson Stegall PhotographyI asked her if I could share a story of her seeking and receiving counsel from the trees and here’s what she would like to share:

“I went to a parole hearing one particular morning and I had been pondering the question of trust. The board had asked this man what his plans were for learning to trust and to be trusted (as this was defined as one of his failures in the past). I had no answer myself…I left there thinking how on earth would you define that path enough to articulate a plan for it?

So I went for a walk to my favorite tree. The tree that often provides me with gifts and insights because it prompts me to be still. Today the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. When I got to the tree they invited me to sit on one of their roots. I did and I noticed a hummingbird flitting around. I sat there longer, a jogger went past, I sat some more, my bum went noticeably numb, still I didn’t move, I waited but I didn’t know for what. And then it happened.

The birdsong came back. I knew then that my presence had been the reason it had stopped but I had sat still so long, they began to sing again. I had trusted the tree to guide me to stillness that lasted long enough for the birds to trust me. Then the magic was revealed in all of their songs, by the flicker of all their movement and finally by the hummingbird who landed nearby and the bright sunlight showed me his ruby head!

So, I thought, perhaps that is what I was seeking. You must trust to be trusted. It cannot go only one way. I realized that no matter how many times I go to sit there, it may take time for the bird trust to reveal the music…the gift may be different every time. I may always have to wait…but each time I might find it easier to know that the reward is worth it.”

This story warms my heart. I love that she was wrestling with what felt like a very “human” problem, but went to the trees seeking wise counsel. And they gave it to her, though she had to wait to receive the lesson.

Gentle reader – are you seeking a counsel for a “human” problem? Have you considered going to the trees for an answer?

I’d like to encourage you to try it. In fact, I admit I want to make a more regular practice of sitting at the base of trees and bringing my questions to them.

Together, let’s commit to seeking counsel from the trees (they aren’t called “the wise ones” for no reason). I think we might be very surprised by what happens.

Feel free to share with me what you discover, okay?


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