Day 30: You are nature (31 Notes from Nature)

Day 30: You are nature (31 Notes from Nature)

you are natureHave you ever noticed how:

  • Leaves dance in the wind?
  • Water falls like tears?
  • Raindrops bounce and leap?
  • Trees sway?
  • Rocks skip across a surface?
  • Wolves howl at the moon?
  • Rabbits sit and watch?
  • Vines swing in the breeze?
  • Flowers turn their faces towards the sun?

Gentle reader, never forget YOU are Nature. And Nature invites you to investigate your feelings right this moment.

What do you want? What does your body crave? What emotion wants to be expressed?

Connect with Nature right now. Honor her with your movement or sounds as you express your emotions through dancing, crying, leaping, sway, skipping, howling, watching, swinging, or even just turning your face towards the heat of the sun.

Do what your body and emotions crave RIGHT NOW.

Then thank Nature for providing such safe, immediate, loving guidance in the here and now.

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