Day 1 – Find the stillness (31 Notes from Nature)

Day 1 – Find the stillness (31 Notes from Nature)

One this first day of 31 Notes from Nature, let’s practice something deceptively simple: find your stillness.

I took this photo one fall day when I was out hiking in the Coconino National Forest. After crashing around in the woods having a great time I stumbled across this miracle: a natural chair.

It literally said to me, “Sit and stay while.” So I did.

And I after a few deep breaths, I discovered a lovely inner stillness.

You don’t need to go somewhere deep into the forest to find your own stillness. Your porch or back steps will do the trick.

Go. Sit. Find your breath. In doing that, you’ll find the stillness.

Take a few healing deep breaths and enjoy it.

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