Baby steps and focus

Baby steps and focus

FocusSo you know I just published my third book, right?

Several people have asked me how I’m able to write so much, so often, for these eNotes and still publish three books (with another one on the way this winter).

My reply? Baby steps and focus.

The baby steps are showing up each day to write something. I don’t write a full eNote every day. I don’t work on my current book every day. But I do sit down and write something every day. It might be journaling, free-writing, or focusing on my current project. Sometimes I get out my big flipchart paper and free-write on a huge page with colored markers. Occasionally, I sit down and draw freehand (today it was horses) or I use a very interesting method called “Zentangle.”

Overall though, I do have a specific focus in mind: an eNote once or twice weekly and a book project.

Those two things – baby steps and focus – have really worked for me.

And, interestingly, they have helped me in my personal life, too. When my husband and I radically downsized to now live in 280 square feet, we took four years of baby steps to make the whole transition. But it was the three or four months right there at the end that got us focused and past the finish line.

I’m curious, gentle reader, is there something YOU want to accomplish in the next few months?

And if you took baby steps and kept a laser focus on your goal, how would it feel to accomplish it?

I’d like to help. Here’s how:

I’m introducing a new small group program to help YOU take baby steps and focus on one or (at most) two things you want to accomplish by the end of November 2015.


  • Organize your office
  • Start (or finish) a book
  • Blog more regularly
  • Create art
  • Declutter your house (or a specific part of it)
  • Exercise on a schedule
  • Eat better
  • Start a new business
  • Create a new service or product
  • Fill in the blank_____________

We’ll meet “live” using a great software tool called Zoom (live video-chat). We’ll talk twice a month (60 minute calls) PLUS you’ll get a complimentary 30-minute private session with me (to be used at any point in the three months we’re together).

During the first call, each person will share the one thing they’d like accomplish. I’ll help with laying out a timeline and we’ll talk about tools to use to help you stay on track.

The twice monthly calls are the FOCUS part. You’ll be taking baby steps daily or weekly to move yourself towards your designated “finish line.”

I think having the group participation is going to be great – I hope you think so, too!

I’m limiting this first group session to 10 participants.

AND I’m making this small group program SUPER affordable at $100/month.

No matter what you’d like to work on (in business or personally), I think the next three months could be really transformative for you!

Join me – let’s get some stuff DONE!

Make some room,


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