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  One of my conundrums is trying to explain to people what I “do” when I work with clients. It’s easy to explain consulting and to discuss organization or systems and processes. It’s a whole other thing entirely to

Hobbes Feb2018

Easter Sunday is a day of brightly colored eggs and fake grass and a lot of ham. I also ate the biggest sweet potato I’ve ever seen and I’m not even sorry. The other thing I did on Sunday

how to

I wanted to share a lovely “How To” that I discovered during a morning meditation. Matt Haig’s book Reasons to Stay Alive offers some beautiful advice. While this isn’t 100% nature-focused, it does speak to your whole person. Simple

Nelson Stegall

Today’s note is written by my husband Nelson. I asked him to write about a significant memory he had of being a kid out in nature and this is what he’s shared: My oldest sister and I loaded up

In the past year or so, I have become wildly aware of words. I’m fascinated with breaking them apart and seeing which words sound like another word only with a vastly different meaning. This is a word I’m pondering:

A couple weeks ago, my hubby and I had the crazy awesome pleasure of watching a few talented musicians do their thing. Mike Guggino and Mike Ashworth are of Steep Canyon Rangers fame and were joined by musicians/singer songwriter

short term, urgent vs. long term, important

One of my favorite “thinkers” out there is Seth Godin. He’s written 18 or 19 books by now. And I’m going to share (in its entirety) one of his recent blogs (he blogs a lot, way more than me.


So you know I just published my third book, right? Several people have asked me how I’m able to write so much, so often, for these eNotes and still publish three books (with another one on the way this

settle into a comfy chair and focus

I spent some time reading yesterday afternoon in a coffee shop. There were two pretty meaty articles I’d printed out and I needed some time and space to settle in to read them with full attention. After I ordered

I’m listening to a new book during my “Car University” time (which is me driving 45 minutes back and forth to Asheville or two hours back and forth to Charlotte – both bigger cities where my clients tend live).