Don’t check email first thing in the morning

Don’t check email first thing in the morning

I confess I do occasionally check email first thing morning. And I know quite a few other people who admit to it as well.

Now to be clear, I’m not necessarily talking about the quick-check that happens after you get up. Scan, delete, type out a couple fast replies, make sure nothing is blowing up.

The checking email first thing in the morning when you sit down at your desk – that’s where I see the trouble starting.

Soon, you’re hunting and pecking, scanning messages haphazardly, and answering the messages that feel least-risky. The easy ones.

You’re avoiding the harder ones, the ones that take extra work, extra thought, extra energy that you’re not willing to give right then.

And as you’re checking email, new ones are arriving. Soon, it’s 10 am and all you’ve done is react to this inbox of nothingness.

What if your routine was different? More deliberate and thoughtful? What if you decided not to let email rule your morning?

I read a terrific article recently that explained how most people check email first thing in the morning because they either have no idea what they should be doing that day OR they are avoiding the couple very important things that actually must be done.

Read the paragraph above again. Go ahead – I’ll wait.

Are you, gentle reader, using email as a source of procrastination? As a source of what to do next? If so, oy vey.

What if, instead, you knew the activities that brought you the most bang for your buck in business (marketing, writing, calling prospects, meeting with clients, dreaming up new ideas, playing, etc.)?

What if you spent those precious, clear-eyed morning hours accomplishing work that adds value to the world, creates money, and nurtures prospects and clients?

What if…?

And if you’re not sure how to even do this because you’re overwhelmed with email or viewing it as an annoyance that floods you with OPPs, then it’s time to call me. Schedule a Make Some Room Rendezvous and I’ll help you get clear on the important activities (rather the seemingly-urgent ones that gobble up your time). And we’ll make time for the important ones and either eliminate or delegate the rest.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Make some room,


P.S. There are a limited number of Make Some Room Rendezvous sessions available for March and April. Schedule yours now, okay?

P.P.S. We are scheduling another Gmail 101 seminar for a Friday in April. Date to be announced soooooon.

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