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Click this link to hear the interview: Jensen Gelfond Asheville Digital Lifestyle Using technology more efficiently and effectively is one of the things people ask me about all the time. I am overwhelmed with email. Can you help? My phone

Last week, I spoke to 150 professionals at a large corporation about organization and personal effectiveness. Their questions were telling of the times we live in: How do I manage my email overwhelm? How do I even find time

I confess I do occasionally check email first thing morning. And I know quite a few other people who admit to it as well. Now to be clear, I’m not necessarily talking about the quick-check that happens after you

At different times of the week, I alternately loathe technology and love technology – especially email. Technology does really make life easier to make a spreadsheet as I compare costs of various locations Nelson and I are considering for

“Time management is stupid,” said Jeffery Gitomer. This coming from a man who writes, speaks, and generally kicks ass in business. “Get stuff done,” implores David Allen. This coming from a man who takes a wonderfully zen view of

Seth Godin ponders, “I wonder how much productivity comes from new techniques, and how much comes from merely getting sick of non-productivity and deciding to do something that matters, right now. Sure, habits matter. So does getting out of

Last week, I spoke to a group of HR professionals and I asked them to share a list of things that hinder their organization. They listed things like email and phone calls, papers, and even other people. When I

Day in and day out, the dogs in my house know what is important: Eat Sleep Poop Beg (or at least do one heck of a job reminding us owners that they haven’t eaten recently) Why is it that