Don’t just do something…stand there!

Don’t just do something…stand there!


Consistency and patience makeĀ great coffee (and a great life).

Last year I wrote a blogpost about what a coffee snob I am. I used this lovely device called a Chemex to make my coffee in. I hand grind my beans with a fancy burr grinder.

Sometime in the fall, I broke my Chemex when I accidentally hit it against the faucet in the sink. It was a sad, sad day.

And I didn’t replace my Chemex (they’re kind of expensive). I bought a little French press instead. And I accidentally broke that the same way earlier this year. Which was okay because it made yucky coffee. Then I tried a small, simple device for a pour-over. The result was even ickier coffee.

So, after getting a gift certificate to, I bought myself a new Chemex! Yay and hooray for exceptionally great coffee again!

It gets even better…

Nelson sent me a YouTube video on how to best use the Chemex. In this video, they recommend a special kettle to boil water in, a slow…slow…slow…routine of pouring the water over the grounds. And when I say slow I mean FOUR MINUTES of slow.

Four minutes?!?! Are you kidding me? That’s like forever. I could do six different things in those four minutes.

Yet for me, a good cup of coffee is a thing to behold. So, while I still don’t have the fancy kettle (yet), I did the four minute routine.

The result? My coffee is awesome. Freaking awesome. And so worth the patience, attention, and the wait.

And I’ll keep doing it. The results are worth it.

This of course leads me to wonder where in your life you could create a slow, deliberate routine? One that leads to an awesome outcome?

One of the overriding themes of my “Pay What You Can” sessions has been the idea of consistency. Not perfection, not everyday, not without fail.

Just be consistent. Regular action. Regular attention. Regular routine.

What are some ways you can be consistent to improve your business and life?

  • Marketing. There’s a reason I send out two notes a week. It WORKS.
  • Exercise. Your body and brain will thank you.
  • Prospecting. A little each day or each week goes a long way in consistently building your pipeline.
  • Clutter control. Two minutes now saves hours (of filing, frustration, and frantic searching) later.
  • Rest. Getting regular sleep does a body and brain good.
  • Vacation. Not one every five years. I mean several times a year. Good long ones, too. Because a 3-day weekend ain’t a vacation.
  • Connection. Being in relationship with one another is what makes life so sweet.

Slow down. Pay attention. Create routines. Be consistent. Choose the things that matter and will bring results that vastly improve your life and business.

When you need help, that’s where I come in. I’ll help you make some room. Create a schedule that supports consistency (and vacation time). And I’ll hold you accountable in the most loving, consistent way that is me.

Make some room,


P.S. Where do you want help being more consistent? I’d love to hear!

P.P.S. I’m noodling the idea of a summer series. Videos, worksheets, and Q&A calls. So, I’d seriously love to hear where you could use some support being more consistent. Do share!

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