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Is it really true that you don’t know what to do?” I asked this question of a prospective client during an emotion-filled phone Clarity call. I could hear her hesitation. I could feel her frustration. “No,” she said. “I

In June of this year, I gave the morning keynote talk at the Western Women’s Business Center’s annual conference. I spoke about my Grand Canyon trip, which also inspired my fourth book Make Some Room, and how I learned to

Last year I wrote a blogpost about what a coffee snob I am. I used this lovely device called a Chemex to make my coffee in. I hand grind my beans with a fancy burr grinder. Sometime in the

This is one of the longer posts I’ve ever written mostly because there a BIG changes happening  for me and my business and it’s important to me to share the full stories. I’m not sure where to start, so I’m

“Is what you want worth re-organizing your life for?” I read that question on someone’s blog recently and it took my breath away. “Is what you want worth re-organizing your life for?” Stop. Re-read that. Really read it. “Is what

Organizing Rules. How do you read that statement? Did you read it hoping I’m going to address, “10 Organizing rules to help you be more organized, which may result in your being smarter and sexier in every area or

Let’s talk about procrastination. Currently I’m reading two books – one on how to joyfully and playfully free my inner writer even more and a second one on how to master the game of life. I’ve practically filled half

I want to play a different game. And I’m in the middle of doing a pivot in my business to support that. I’ve realized my focus isn’t where I want it to be. Some of what I’m doing just

Being organized is a big deal for a lot of people. And I get a little giddy when I see a client has posted something on the wall that I’ve shared with them. The power of sharing is remarkable.