“H” is for Get Me Some Help!

“H” is for Get Me Some Help!

Last week I had a very long coffee chat with a fabulous woman named Sarah.

She’s young (or at least looks young), ambitious, and is the holder of a secret.

A couple of years ago, she started a business based on a need she saw. As the business grew, life got busier. The potential for the business grew and life got even crazier.

And finally Sarah looked around and said, “Enough. I need some help myself if this is going work.”

See, Sarah is Founder and CEO of Metro’s Other Woman, Inc.. With locations in Charlotte and Raleigh, MOW helps overscheduled business owners and life owners with those little tasks that suck up time. They offer services like housekeeping, personal assisting and shopping (hello, holidays!), organizing, event planning, and business assisting.

She took her own services and turned them on herself. As a busy mom and business owner, she let go of the need to clean and do laundry. She outsources errands and got herself a business assistant.

And whether you use Sarah’s company or not, consider how YOU can get some help, too.

Obviously, today’s ‘H” is help – you need it and I bet you’re not asking for it.

And it’s the secret to thriving in business and in life. Clients of mine who asked for help:

  • Discovered more free time (during the day and in the evenings)
  • Rediscovered time for creativity and play
  • Noticed their revenues going up, up, up (sometimes very significantly)
  • Specifically, one of my clients got my help creating space in her calendar, in her office and in her brain. Then she discovered how to creatively use her existing funds and bought a building to house her office and staff, a long-held dream she simply didn’t have the energy for before.

When you’re ready, I’d love to help you find help! I can quickly show you how getting help turns into more energy, more time, and even more revenue. Your turn!

Make some room,


P.S. The clock is ticking on the two-hour Make Some Room Rendezvous sessions for 2013. The investment is a mere $350 (and it goes up to $500 on January 1, 2014). There’s only one November session left and just over a handful available for December.
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