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It’s officially time for a smackdown on all this talk about “life hacking.” What is life hacking? you ask with wonder and curiosity. (And take my word for it…you’re trying to hack your life and you may not even

Today I’m going to ask you to think about transformation. But first, I want to be clear about something: I always do a bit of selling in my eNotes here. I hope I add something beyond a sales pitch

In the last two weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to be verklepmt in the most wonderful of ways. I’ll explain more as you read. First, though, I kind of want to shake you until your teeth rattle. Just a

Last week I had a very long coffee chat with a fabulous woman named Sarah. She’s young (or at least looks young), ambitious, and is the holder of a secret. A couple of years ago, she started a business

So you watched the first video with basic shortcut keys, yes? And you watched the second video with intermediate shortcut keys? Well, here’s the third and final video with more advanced shortcut keys. Practice using them often and pretty

In an entrepreneur’s quest to find clarity and get out of overwhelm, I find that many of them are asking the wrong questions. Rather than asking, “How can I fit this extra task or project into my already busy

I know, I know – I can hear all you business owners and managers groaning. You think delegation is a cost of doing business. You think delegation means MORE work. Recently, I heard someone explain delegation and outsourcing like

So, you watched the video about basic shortcut keys, yes? Well, I’ve created two more videos with intermediate and more advanced shortcut keys that are HUGE timesavers! Watch the intermediate shortcut key video here and be on the lookout

That title sounds a little like a string of cursing, doesn’t it? 😉 It’s not – it’s just shows how many different ways there are to look at the idea of “getting organized.” Amy Jones, author of the fun

How often does this happen in your business: 1. Staring at the growing pile of business cards, you ask yourself, “Who in this pile was I supposed to follow up with? And what was I going to send them?”