Intention or In Tension?

Intention or In Tension?

In the past year or so, I have become wildly aware of words. I’m fascinated with breaking them apart and seeing which words sound like another word only with a vastly different meaning.

This is a word I’m pondering:



When I roll it around in my mouth, it sounds like this: in tension. Intense. Tense. Never relaxed.

I’m sure there’s some Greek root word at work here, but that’s not necessarily where I’m headed with this thought.

Instead, I’m thinking of how we set intentions, but often don’t accomplish them. Kind of a “set it and promptly forget it” routine.

Or, we set an intention and hold it really tightly.

Except, intention can also be explain as the healing process of a wound.

I wonder, if instead of being so goal-oriented in setting our intentions, we took a softer approach, a more relaxed approach. A more healing approach.

What if we let our intentions heal us? What if we chose more deliberately to do things that light us up? That make us happy? That fill us with joy?

What if…?

Just pondering that today…

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