Are you on purpose?

Are you on purpose?

Have you ever watched what plants do? I have since childhood and I’m nearly obsessed with it.

Plants and flowers grow on purpose.

Plants and flowers grow on purpose.

When I was a kid, I would lie down in the plants at dusk and watch the brilliant pink flowers of an Ice Plant fold up for the night. It was fascinating to me how this happened almost imperceptibly, one petal at time.

Wherever I’ve been able, I’ve had houseplants. I’ve planted gardens and flowers, spending hours pulling weeds and tending to growing things. Gardening is like meditation for me. It soothes my soul and literally and figuratively grounds me.

A few weeks ago, Nelson and I made a trip to Asheville, NC, to the Sow True Seeds store. I planted about 20 different kinds of vegetables and herbs in seed-starting trays. They’ve been kept warm and watered. And one by one, those little seeds poked through the soil and became plants!
I’ve watched them grow with curiosity and wonder.

Now we have to transplant them somewhere because they’re outgrowing those seed trays. Lettuce, pumpkins, zucchini, tomatoes, acorn squash, onions, and more. Plus, it’s time to get the potatoes to get started in a round bin.

Watching these seeds turn into food has me thinking more and more about purpose.

Those seeds know exactly why they are here and they know exactly what to do to fulfill their purpose.

All they need is sunlight and water. They inhale the carbon dioxide in the air and absorb sun and water. After awhile, like a miracle, they become something new.
They do it day in and day out.

Are you that clear about your purpose? About the best and highest use of your time and energy and breath?

Are you rooted in knowing what you want to do to fulfill your purpose?

Plants don’t get distracted by television, social media, their feelings, or even by the weather. They just focus on finding what they need in the air and in the soil in order to fulfill their purpose.

Are your days as simple and focused as this?
They can be.

Make some room,


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