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Angie Stegall, Wayfinder

I recently had a long-time client write me a wonderful testimonial (which I’ll share below) about our coaching relationship and the power of my questions. I realized (again) that this very smart, driven, and wildly creative woman, who is

Click this link to hear the interview: Jensen Gelfond Asheville Digital Lifestyle Using technology more efficiently and effectively is one of the things people ask me about all the time. I am overwhelmed with email. Can you help? My phone

I got a note recently from one of my clients about procrastination. He was thanking me for part of last summer’s eCourse that helped him understand something about his behavior as it relates to persistent and/or purposeful procrastination. In

What action are you avoiding taking that you’re blaming instead on your lack of organization? What conversations are you not having because there “hasn’t been time?” What decision are you putting off until you’re “more prepared?” The only time

I recently read an article by the creator of an app called The Boyfriend Log. The author, Linda Sivertsen, created this app to help keep herself honest while dating (which of course makes me think about a Productivity Log

I’ve been yammering on for the last 22 days about being organized and managing your time and becoming more productive. And I want to hit the pause button and ask you to NOT take my message to heart. What?

Recently, I heard a great interview on NPR with Chris Rock (the straight-talking, tell-it-like-it-is comedian). He was pretty funny, even for the fairly serious NPR format. At least, he was funny until the interviewer brought up a comment he

I was reminded recently about a marketing study on laundry detergent where researchers discovered something amazing about people: feeling clean was more important to people than being clean. As long as their laundry detergent made their clothes look and

My favorite part of snail mail is getting magazines. I don’t subscribe to many, but I love the ones I get: Inc. Magazine, Mother Earth News, Fast Company, and Our State. It was the July/August 2013 cover of Fast