The Perfect Puzzle

The Perfect Puzzle

It’s a perfect puzzle mystery. If you’ve been a reader for any amount of time here, you probably know I have a bit of a love affair with coffee. So much so that a few of my Christmas gifts revolved around coffee beans and coffee brewers. Even sitting here now, I have a steaming cup of joe begging me to stop writing and take a sip. (And I’ll comply, of course.)

I’m currently using a French Press to make coffee in the mornings and I’m finding it incredibly difficult to make coffee that reliably tastes the same way (or that even tastes good, ahem) every time I brew it. I use the same amount of water, the same amount of beans, a pinch of pumpkin pie spice, and let it all steep for the same six minutes.

And it comes out tasting different every single time. This frustrates me to no end.

Funny thing though…it does engage the part of my brain that likes to go, “Hmmm…”

See, I’m a puzzle person. Not the kind you spread out on the table and put together, but more of the everyday life and business variety of puzzles. And I like solving puzzles.

I confidently describe myself as “curious as a cat.” I’m a voracious reader and apply what I’m learning to the various areas of my life that make me go, “Hmmm…”

And I love working with clients so much because this kind of work also engages that part of my brain.

Over coffee (of course), I’ve been reviewing my 2013 successes. And there were a lot of them. And the ones I’m most proud of revolve around my helping clients make some room to look at their businesses (and in some cases, their lives) in a whole different way.

  • It’s so exciting to see a client embrace a new system that frees up more time for the things that matter to them.
  • I do the happy dance when a client makes room to dive into the Five Essential Business Systems and discovers how to double their income (and work less).
  • There’s a certain indescribably wonderful thing that happens when I ask a client to consider a new way of being or a new way of working and they “get it.”
  • And of course, helping clients clean out their offices, their calendars and the inside of their heads is one of the most rewarding puzzles to solve ever.

This puzzle-solving gift of mine is all about helping clients (and myself, really) to make some room to think about what we want. I’m crazy good at it (except for maybe this current coffee brewing issue).

When you’re ready to make some room to un-puzzle your overwhelm, we can do it several ways. My recommendation is to start with a two-hour Make Some Room Rendezvous. The impact and result on your business and your life is nothing short of remarkable. I guarantee it.

Make some room,


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