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In June of this year, I gave the morning keynote talk at the Western Women’s Business Center’s annual conference. I spoke about my Grand Canyon trip, which also inspired my fourth book Make Some Room,¬†and how I learned to

A couple nights ago, I had the chance to talk with Paige, an attendee of my half-day Five Essential Business Systems workshop I taught at Blue Ridge Community College late last year. It’s based on my book Focus on

There’s a time to be efficient and a time to not be efficient. Case in point, last week one of my clients, his manager, and I were talking about people. And he said something really profound: “It’s an honor

It’s a perfect puzzle mystery. If you’ve been a reader for any amount of time here, you probably know I have a bit of a love affair with coffee. So much so that a few of my Christmas gifts

If orange is the new black, are you running your business like a prison? A week or two ago, I was listening to NPR. They were interviewing the author of the book (and now TV seires) called Orange is

This morning, I harvested almost 2 gallons of strawberries from my little garden patch. The other day, I harvested a gallon. A couple days before that, my boyfriend Nelson probably ate a pint standing out there and brought a

I confess: I’m a total coffee snob. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t even stomach gas station or diner-type coffee anymore. Mediocre. Drinkable, maybe. But completely not worth it. Now, I go all out. Organic, fair-trade beans. Organic

Last week, I had a monthly accountability and action session with a long-term client. He’d just hired a new employee and there was work to be done. As this client was introducing me to his new hire, he said,