Persistent or Purposeful Procrastination?

Persistent or Purposeful Procrastination?

I got a note recently from one of my clients about procrastination. He was thanking me for part of last summer’s eCourse that helped him understand something about his behavior as it relates to persistent and/or purposeful procrastination.

In his words, “I have finally discovered my procrastination formula. It’s one part procrastination to four parts priority.”

Before he figured this out, he would do all sorts of decluttering or side projects before ever getting to his priorities. Then he found after doing all these time-gobbling activities (which made him feel “busy”), there wasn’t time to focus on those aforementioned priorities. All his energy and focus had gone to less-important activities.

After revisiting the eCourse from last summer and re-reading about the three faces of procrastination, he now begins his day listing his critical first priorities. He gives himself a small window to organize or declutter (probably because it calms his mind) and then he dives straight into those big items.

1 part deliberate and purposeful procrastination + 4 parts high priority activities = getting a whole lot more important stuff done!

When you find yourself in procrastination mode, stop yourself and figure out what’s going on. Give yourself a few minutes of an activity that settles your mind and then dive right into your big items. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of tricking your noggin’ into cooperating!

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