“P” is for productivity

“P” is for productivity

Seth Godin ponders, “I wonder how much productivity comes from new techniques, and how much comes from merely getting sick of non-productivity and deciding to do something that matters, right now.

Sure, habits matter. So does getting out of your way. But if you want to hide, really want to hide, you’ll find a way.

I wonder, gentle reader, where you are hiding behind “the need to be more productive?” Where are you hiding behind your desire to get more organized? What aren’t you doing that must be done, that gets to be done, that you want to do (but might be scary)?

So often, people give lip service to things they want, but they never move into ACTION.

My clients and my seminar participants are extraordinary simply because they make a commitment to move towards the thing they desire (being out of overwhelm, conquering email confustion, getting organized, creating systems in their businesses).

My clients ROCK.

And I want you to join their exclusive club.

One very easy way to do this is to start with your email. If you’re a Gmail user, you’re totally in luck. Techy rockstar Julie LaChance and I are hosting a workshop on January 10, 2014 to help you be a Gmail power-user. We’re calling it Gmail 101 and you’ll fast-track your way to Gmail mastery very quickly.

All the details for this January 10th workshop can be found on this page. We’re also offering a fast-action bonus if you register before this Friday (12/20/13). Join us!

Make some room,


P.S. Nab your spot and a fast-action bonus! Registration is officially OPEN for my upcoming Gmail 101 seminar. It happens live and in person on Friday, January 10th here in Charlotte. Reserve your seat today.

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