Yesterday I watched a documentary called The Heretic about Rob Bell (the Christian pastor and author of the book Love Wins).

unravelingAt one point in the documentary, Theologian Peter Rollins says, “Interestingly, the word unraveling is the same as the wordraveling. To ravel means to pull apart. It just doesn’t have the negative ‘un’ bit to it. And a lot of the work of someone like Rob is to say, ‘Don’t fear the unraveling – it’s actually positive.'”

In my world and in my experience, that unraveling has a deeply negative connotation. I don’t want to ravel or unravel. But if has to happen, I certainly don’t want anyone to SEE me doing it!

And yet I have come to learn that the questioning of hard things is the work that matters.

• When you are on your knees begging for an answer, you’re raveling.
• When you’re walking through the forest deep in thought, you’re raveling.
• When you gather in a circle – religious or otherwise – you’re raveling.
• Therapy is raveling. Coaching is raveling. Deep fellowship is raveling.

This pulling apart, questioning the pieces, is precious work. Hard. Revealing. Frustrating even.

But also: Powerful and precious. Necessary and useful. Brave and courageous.

If you are not in the habit of raveling like I am, I’d encourage you to consider how you can incorporate a bit of it into your life. Curiosity in today’s world is a powerful tool, one that isn’t encouraged enough.

The outcomes, though, of true raveling can deepen your faith, strengthen your relationships, and change your life.

Don’t fear the unraveling – it’s very positive.

How about we ravel something together, shall we? (HA!)

Warmly, Angie

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My GENIUS is diagnosing why and where people are stuck.

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P.P.S: The Heretic was a very interesting documentary for a number of reasons. If you’re interested in discussing it, feel free to reach out.

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