You’re stuck:

Suffering from a lack of clarity about something personally or professionally.

You either don’t know exactly what to change


You know exactly what needs to change, but you can’t figure out how to get from here to there.

The good news is:


As a Wayfinder, I believe everyone can create a life they love and I believe their work or business should support that.

Wait! What is a Wayfinder?

What I really do as a Wayfinder is help you get in touch with your own inner guidance, to go into the unknown, to feel more subtlety, and to allow your feelings to be a guide rather than your mind. I help you to become present to what is right now in this moment. Deep down, YOU know what you want … you may have just pushed it away, temporarily forgotten, or believe you can’t/shouldn’t have it. And that’s part of the stuckness and lack of clarity. The good news still is: I can help!


Let’s get started!

Schedule & Explore

Schedule a complimentary Clarity Session with me so we can explore the real, core issue of your “stuckness.” I’m a genius at diagnosing where you are stuck. This is also when we decide if we’re a good fit to work together.

Dreaming & Scheming

During our sessions together, we’ll address the blocks that are keeping you stuck. As we eliminate them (through a combination of internal journeying, solo time in nature, and playful homework), you’ll begin to dream about what you truly want.

Creating the Map

Now that you’ve allowed yourself to dream and scheme, together we’ll map out what you want and create the plan to help you journey from here to there.

Sail into Action

You move confidently towards the vision you’ve mapped out for yourself using a variety of big, small, and teeny tiny steps. I’m with you to help you when you get stuck, scared, and frustrated and to celebrate your wins along this important journey!

You want to do work that matters and have a life you love. Let’s find the way together!