Crap baskets and business card confetti

Crap baskets and business card confetti

April 9, 2013 - 4:10 pm

Getting organized is really fun, I swear! I mean, sure, it’s fun partly because I love it and partly because I carefully choose the clients I work with.

One of my criteria is my clients must have a “fun” mindset, too!

Case in point: a couple weeks ago, one of clients marched into a closet and pulled out an overloaded basket. “It’s a crap basket,” she exclaimed with exasperation. “HIS crap basket [see her pointing at her business partner?] I keep having to buy him new ones because he fills them up so fast with junk!” I laughed and laughed at her description. She did, too. Her business partner stood there looking a tiny bit sheepish.

And then last week, as my client and I were purging her office of too much stuff, she dug into her work bag. I said, “Pull everything out of there. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

As she did, out tumbled an incredible number of business cards. I exclaimed, “Look at the pretty business card confetti!”

In amongst the jumble of stuff were a good number of her business cards and some prospects’ business cards. And as we began to make order out of the businesscard confetti, she said the usual thing, “Oh! I was looking for that!”

Getting organized is fun, and it’s also serious business.

You learn about the flow of information in your business:

  • to understand it
  • to wrangle it into submission
  • to use it to better be of service to your clients and customers
  • and you use it to make more money (*yay*)

Whatever flavor of “getting organized” you need (clutter control, email help, or the Five Essential Business Systems TM), there’s a larger purpose behind doing it.

I want to make sure you and your business understand each other. That you’re working together. No one part is ignored.

And I’m perfectly serious about this. If your business doesn’t support your creativity, you ignore parts of your business in order to get the outlet for creativity that you need.

If YOU ignore the structure and systems that make your business thrive, your business will turn on you, suck your time and energy, and stop giving you money.

If that sounds wacky, I’m ok with that.

A business – YOUR business – is a living organism.

Pay attention to it and it will support you.

No more struggling with crap baskets, business card confetti, and a lack of systems, ok?

Let’s end the loss of time, energy, and money. I’m ready to help.



P.S. Honestly, there’s very little difference between organizing your office, organizing your thoughts, and organizing your systems. Bring on the confetti! And soon – I leave in 51 days! (not that I’m counting)

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