Tip # 7: STUFF it, SHED it, GTD!

Tip # 7: STUFF it, SHED it, GTD!

That title sounds a little like a string of cursing, doesn’t it? 😉 It’s not – it’s just shows how many different ways there are to look at the idea of “getting organized.”

Amy Jones, author of the fun little book, Twice as Much in Half the Time, has a fun acronym for stuff:


How much superfluous, trivial, unnecessary, frivolous, filler has invaded your office, your computer, and your business processes and routines?

Organizing guru Julie Morgenstern would tell you to SHED it!
S (Separate the Treasures)
H (Heave the Trash)
E (Embrace Your Identity)
D (Drive Yourself Forward)

And finally, David Allen, productivity guru and master of Getting Things Done, talks about containment, buckets, and the Four D’s.

Whichever system works for you, do it now and use it to get back to basics in your business.

  • Market regularly
  • Systematize your sales process
  • Focus on customer service before, during and after the sale
  • Systematize your operations
  • Lead and motivate your people
  • Take time for yourself

No cutesy acronym there, huh?  All I can say is GO and be successful.

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