“V” is for Verklempt

“V” is for Verklempt

In the last two weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to be verklepmt in the most wonderful of ways. I’ll explain more as you read. First, though, I kind of want to shake you until your teeth rattle. Just a little bit. Not enough to hurt you, but enough to get you indignant and paying attention to me.

Why? Well, in the last week or two, I’ve had distinct pleasure and opportunity to help open a lot of eyes. And I truly want the opportunity to open yours.

(Go ahead, brace yourself for a little woo-woo. It’s coming.)

See, there’s this crazy, weird thing that happens when people sit with me.

We talk. I ask questions. Deep and probing questions. You answer. I ask more questions. More answers from you. I make a comment, a statement, or give an observation based on what I’m not necessarily hearing you say out loud but what I *know* is the real issue.

Then there’s a “POP” and your eyes fly open with a new understanding, a new way of seeing a situation, and suddenly you have a brand-spanking, knee-knocking, forehead-slapping new VISION. A totally new way of seeing.

It’s so incredibly wonderful when it happens that I become…and you become…and we become (to use a very fancy word) verklempt.

Verklepmt means nearly speechless and overcome with emotion.

When this magical-feeling thing happens with a client or with a group of clients, the hair stands up on the back of my neck. I get chill bumps. And I am overcome with happiness.

It’s so emotional because I know seeing a new vision is the very first step for someone (you?) to begin making changes.

Imagine if you could see with new eyes, a new vision:

  • How your disorganization is holding you back – and how to fix it
  • Realizing that managing email is entirely within your control
  • Understanding that systems solve a lot of problems, but not all of them (so maybe trying clearly communicating instead)
  • Slowing down doesn’t necessarily mean slacking off
  • Making room for things that matter IS one of the things that matters
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness…but sometimes you gotta get filthy first
  • Maybe you are trying to do more better…and the solution is actually to do less well

See now why I want to shake you a little? To get your attention!

How about this instead? You grab one of three Make Some Rendezvous Sessions available for January 2014. I promise NOT to shake you and instead we let the magic happen organically.

I know you’re ready for this. No shaking required!

Make some room,


P.S. Because of exciting and upcoming changes in my life and schedule, I only have three spots open for January 2014. Claim yours NOW.

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