Jensen Gelfond, Asheville Digital Lifestyle Interview

Jensen Gelfond, Asheville Digital Lifestyle Interview

Click this link to hear the interview: Jensen Gelfond Asheville Digital Lifestyle

Using technology more efficiently and effectively is one of the things people ask me about all the time.

  • I am overwhelmed with email. Can you help?asheville digital lifestyle
  • My phone and tablet and computer don’t talk to each other. What can I do?
  • My company just switched us all over to Gmail, but they haven’t given us any training. What can we do for the team?
  • Do I need a tablet, phone, laptop, desktop and (now) an Apple watch? Really?


It can be totally overwhelming to understand the complexities technology.

I’ll be honest – I don’t have any interest in figuring it all out. My own coach and I had a fight about it once (“If your customers need/want it, you ought to figure out how to supply it.”)


Instead, I decided to interview a few technology gurus who are actually EXCITED to help you and your company figure out your technology needs.

This isn’t your big, hands-off tech company who wants to put you on a monthly retainer. Nor is this the medium-sized company who wants to manage your servers and security. There’s definitely a role for those folks (really, really), yet…

THESE interviews are with the hands-on-your-keyboard teachers. They love technology and they love teaching people how to best use their technology day-to-day to be super efficient and effective at their work.

Today’s interview is with Jensen Gelfond with Asheville Digital Lifestyle.

Highlights from my 20-minute interview with Jensen include:

  • How he helps people use their technology more joyfully and easily
  • What sees as the biggest advantages of using technology appropriately (think TIME SAVINGS)
  • How technology can actually be a detriment for your own productivity – and how to fix this
  • Where he starts with a new client (and it isn’t always with the technology)
  • How to manage an overflowing email box (I love his description of what an email box actually is!!!)

Click this link to hear the interview: Jensen Gelfond Asheville Digital Lifestyle

If you’re ready to stop struggling with your technology, give Jensen a call (and told him you heard his interview with me).

Jensen Gelfond – Asheville Digital Lifestyle – (828) 354-0371

Make some room,


P.S. On Tuesday, I’ll be sharing an interview with Julie LaChance of RMS Solutions, Inc. She’s Charlotte-based and we’ve done classes together that have changed MY life and how I use my own technology. Stay tuned for her wisdom!

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