I need it – I can’t find it!

I need it – I can’t find it!

It’s a common problem for small business owners – they need some critical piece of paper for a report, insurance, or bank form. And they can’t find that paper.

Has this happened to you?

Or how about this? When your business first started, pulling invoices together was easy.  A few pieces of paper here, gather information from there, add stuff up by hand, and *poof* — invoices are ready to go. Now, though, as you’ve grown, and added staff or subcontractors, you’re finding that invoicing is taking entire days to get done.

I’ll be honest – the solution isn’t sexy.  But, it does work.

What to do? Create systems, processes, and routines.

Everything has a home, each inquiry has a process, and everything has a system.

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