Tip #28 – Here’s your sign

Tip #28 – Here’s your sign

Are you always available for “a quick question?”

Realize that this is another form of multi-tasking. It draws your attention away from what you are currently working on and forces you to regroup and refocus after the interruption goes away. You lose precious minutes, hours and days over the course of a year from these quick questions and “got a minute?” interruptions.

It behooves you to create rules, boundaries, and limitations for the interruptions you face each day. Too many people confess that they arrive early or stay late at the office in order to have “quiet time” to get real work done. Coming in early or staying late unbalances your work/life time, wastes your time, and doesn’t allow you to focus on work.

So, what’s the solution?

Close your office door. Put up a “Busy Working” sign.

Give your employees the three reasons you can be interrupted: someone has died, is bleeding, or has lost a limb.

Ok, I’m joking about those…sort of.

But creating a work zone – where you can’t be interrupted – is crucial for getting actual work done.

Train those you work with (this includes colleagues, bosses, direct reports, and in some cases children, pets, or your spouse or partner) to respect your work time.

Put up your sign and get work done faster and with better result.

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