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When the crazies go away, people want to do a little dance! It happened for my newest client recently and I noticed it immediately when I walked into her office. The piles that had nearly covered her floor were

“My boss gave me work to do, with pretty specific instructions. When I went back to him to clarify something that I wasn’t sure about, he got very huffy and took the work back. He’s going to do it

The Situation “Carol, come in here for a second. I’ve got about two dozen things I need you to take care of,” says Ms. Boss. Carol dutifully comes in, notepad in hand, and writes down the details of the

Your business constantly ebbs and flows; it’s a living breathing system (similar to a garden) that needs to be tended, managed, and carefully grown. Interestingly, it takes everyone in your business to help this happen: you, your employees, even

When deciding to use a Mobile or Virtual Assistant, one of the hardest things to do is get started! Maybe you can’t decide what to delegate. Or you don’t have any written instructions for the things you would like

During a coaching conversation with my client David recently, he mentioned several times how he wished he had time to do this or that. “All the administrivia is eating up my day. If I could just find time to

Egads!  This entire month I’ve talked with probably a dozen or more business owners about getting organized, writing down their systems and processes, and/or using an assistant more (also known as DELEGATING). As I talk about finding more time

Are you always available for “a quick question?” Realize that this is another form of multi-tasking. It draws your attention away from what you are currently working on and forces you to regroup and refocus after the interruption goes