Daring (and failing spectacularly)

Daring (and failing spectacularly)

daring to failIn the fall of 2012, I finished and published my first book. It was a proud moment and allowed me to check a huge item off my Bucket List.

In order to spread the word about my book, I decided to be daring. I wanted to do some hard-core marketing and PR. One of the those ways to get myself interviewed on radio shows.

Knowing there’s strength in numbers, I approached a residential professional organizing company about partnering with me on a pitch to a WFAE show called Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins (WFAE is an NPR affiliate, so they’re the real deal, radio-wise).

I wrote the pitch and sent it to the show’s producer. To my delight and surprise, he wrote back within a few days and said with a small tweak to focus on digital clutter, they were a YES!

The morning of show, the three of us being interviewed (two organizers and a technology expert) arrived at the studio. With just a few minutes to go before show time, they ushered us into the studio, outfitted us with headphones, and sat us down in front of microphones.

The host, Mike Collins, came in and introduced himself, asked a few clarifying questions and then – KABAAM! – we were live.

At one point, Mike was talking to me about business and asked, “So Your Organized Guide, Inc. isn’t a publication, that’s your company, right?”

And I responded, “Right, not a guide. That’s the name of my company.”

At this point, let’s recap:

  • I published a book
  • I decided that I wanted lots of people to know about my book
  • I pitched a RADIO SHOW to talk about (or at least mention) my book
  • When the interviewer asked about my book, I told him there wasn’t one


I was very thrown off when he said, “Your Organized Guide, Inc. isn’t a publication, right?” I agreed it wasn’t but did not go on to say, “However, I DO have a book and it’s called…” I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been for the interview and when my opening came, I blew it.

I tell you this remarkably embarrassing story for a couple of reasons…

  1. I messed up big time. Yet I’m still alive. I survived.
  2. I took a big risk to go on the radio (I hadn’t ever done anything like that before). It didn’t turn out exactly how I hoped, but I sure am glad I did it.

The point here?

I continue to risk even though I crashed and burned on that particular goal of sharing my book with lots of people.

How about you?

I wonder, gentle reader, where are you holding yourself back for fear of crashing and burning?

Are you avoiding thinking about your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) because you’re scared of what could go wrong?

I think this quote by Tim Ferriss (author of the Four Hour Work Week and the Four Hour Body) sums up my philosophy on life and business quite well:

A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.

Put yourself out there. Mess up. Surround yourself with people who challenge you. Be open to the hard questions. Get uncomfortable.  Be daring! Mess up again. Risk. Risk again. I dare you!

Make some room,


P.S. Ready to ponder your BHAG? Ready to take a risk – even a small one? Schedule a Clarity Session with me to begin.

P.P.S. Interested in hearing the whole interview? Despite my failure to plug my book, the interview is quite full of great tips about decluttering (physically and digitally).

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