Breaking free

Breaking free

2018 is here. The world appears to be in turmoil. Broken, somehow.

But, *I* am different.
I have spent the last few years in deep inquiry about myself – who I really am, what matters to me, what my gifts are, what I love, what I will no longer tolerate.
Somehow, the work I’ve done on myself has cracked my heart open when it used to be hard and squashed flat behind big protective walls.

Somehow, I’ve broken free!

Now, I feel so much overwhelming love for every living thing – people, animals, trees, rocks, flowers, rivers, the sky and sun and moon. Now my practice is to let that love flow. So much so that I am often moved to tears, and I let those flow, too, now.
At the same time, I feel fragile with this cracked open heart. But also supported, grounded, and sure.
Sure that this new way is the right way, the REAL way for me to live. Sure that the world needs me to bring my compassion, to hold injustices in my heart, to cry for those who still see the world as hard and unkind.
This new me feels mysterious. A bit unfamiliar. But called.
I woke up this past weekend feeling all the feels. Like they are bursting out of my chest. Overflowing my cup. Bursting my seams. There’s no dam holding my feelings back.
I want to hug everyone.
There are no good words really to express this. What I’ve written feels puny in comparison.
And I think that’s okay. There’s some mystery to it that I can live with.
If you’re intrigued by this, or – GASP! – you’ve got something deeply held that needs [wants?] to be broken open, then I’d like to offer to help you find your way.
Angie Stegall, WAYFINDER
P.S. All of my writing going forward is going to be in this similar channel of thought.
Everything used to business-brained and organization and systems with me.
Now…now I want to talk about the heart-part. I may very well still still talk about business, but it’ll be the “heart-part of business,” because I’m digging deep and going for the feels these days.
If this kind of writing doesn’t appeal to you, that is perfectly okay. I wish you well on your journey!
If, however, this kind of writing and the idea of Wayfinding appeals to you very much, stay with me because I’m working on a free series that you can jump over to so you can find your way. 
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