Ending the Crazies

Ending the Crazies

When the crazies go away, people want to do a little dance!

It happened for my newest client recently and I noticed it immediately when I walked into her office.

The piles that had nearly covered her floor were almost gone. Her desk was darn clean. AND she was using the two bin system I recommended. It was awesome to see how she’d adopted the “a cluttered space is a cluttered mind” mantra and saw real results!

And finally, she shared with me some major decisions she’d made about workflow and delegation – decisions she’d made because she finally had TIME to think about them.

Eliminating the crazies is very sweet indeed.

And the really cool thing? This business owner is in the financial and tax world – she’s smack in the middle of tax season, and she’s feeling more in control than she has in YEARS!

Very, very sweet indeed!

So, how did all this happen?

Ah, that’s the announcement for today! Are you ready to banish overwhelm, quit letting email rule your day, and discover your own mantra about clutter?

The secret is in my personal system: The Time Map Game Changer Method(TM) .

The details can be found here: Out of Overwhelm Once and For All

If you don’t see how getting out of overwhelm is possible because you can’t catch your breath during the day, but you desperately want someone to show you the way, then I’d say now is the time to take action!

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