Do It Now or Do It Later

Do It Now or Do It Later

Egads!  This entire month I’ve talked with probably a dozen or more business owners about getting organized, writing down their systems and processes, and/or using an assistant more (also known as DELEGATING).

As I talk about finding more time and comparing their hourly rate and expertise to an assistant’s time and expertise, I see their heads nodding. Many times I see the light bulbs go off. The wheels in their head start turning as they think about the possibilities of having a business that runs like a machine whether they are there or not.


Want to know what almost every single one of them has said to me?

They said…

“I don’t have time!”

And frankly, that gets me into a little bit of a lather. It makes me cranky. And it makes me more than a little frustrated.

Because, see, the truth is, if you need to get organized, document your systems, or delegate more – with need being the key word here – then how can you afford NOT to do it?

First, let’s define NEED.  You need to think about a better system if you are:

•    losing client information
•    failing to follow up more than once (or not at all) with prospects
•    a business owner and you’re still doing all the data entry for Quickbooks, business cards, etc.
•    working in an office full of people and you’re the one still changing the toner in the copier, running to get office supplies, and picking up birthday cards and cakes
•    the only one who knows the codes, account logins, and passwords for your payroll, bank accounts, website, and CRM
•    failing to deliver to clients what you promise, when you promise it
•    finding yourself without crucial information, product, or props for special events, trade shows, or client presentations (the “Crap, I forgot to grab the…” syndrome)

So, now that we understand some true needs in business, what’s the solution?

Find time to go slow NOW so you can go fast (read: GROW) with some semblance of sanity later.

Or to put this conversation another way – have we discussed the HBB scenario?


What happens to your business if you get Hit By a Bus? Does your business come to a screeching halt because you – or a critical team member – is suddenly gone, unavailable, sick, or…worse?

You can start the process now – or you can scramble, panic, and freak out later.

The glorious thing is the choice is yours!

Happy Organizing!

Angie Mattson, Chief Efficiency Officer, Mattson Business Services, Inc. (704) 553-8082 or

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  • So, Angie, when you have this discussion with clients or potential clients, what is the usual result? Do they work with you to build a system, or do they usually lament that they know they need to do it, but just never find the time?
    I ‘hear’ your frustration–wondering if you have the magic answer to make people take action!

    • Lynn, some folks do just dig in their heels and resist the change. Others are willing to take baby steps forward – giving up the data entry first, then perhaps delegating calls to confirm appointments. Once the ball gets rolling and the biz owner sees how much “little stuff” they can delegate away, the more they start to delegate away! It DOES help for the biz owner to work with me first to create the systems that they can then hand off to their assistants. We create the structure, which give the biz owner confidence and security that the work will be done right. And by working with me first, the structure actually gets created and I can help them find the right assistant (Virtual or Mobile) to hand the work off to. But the trust and security are the big keys to helping the biz owner make the leap of action! Thanks for the question, Lynn!

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