A few more miles out of my comfort zone

A few more miles out of my comfort zone

“You did what?!?” is usually what people say after I’ve just told them about my most recent adventure in getting miles outside of my comfort zone.

See, my husband Nelson and I just spend 13 days rafting the entire 149 miles of the French Broad River (from the headwaters in Rosman, NC to Douglas Lake in TN).

We found a lovely and detailed paddle trail map that two local organizations had created. After our Grand Canyon trip in 2013, my hubby and I were looking for another adventure. Seems we’d found it when Nelson laid his hands on that map!

rafting the French Broad RiverWe spent several months preparing for our journey. This included outfitting our raft, preparing menus, shopping for food, and packing personal gear.

And then, after months of preparation, we launched at noon a couple Sundays ago.

It was 13 days of navigating rocks, rapids, and finding campsites. And more than few days that kicked me squarely outside my comfort zone over and over.

2016-06-03 16.51.20And then, *poof* it was over.

Now we’re back and feeling the letdown of an amazing experience being over.

But, we are also feeling ridiculously energized about what we accomplished (we’ve only found a small handful of other people who have done this entire trip).

I feel a new book percolating. And we’re excited about our NEXT rafting trip this fall.

Gentle reader, are you hearing a call to adventure? Something – big or small – you’d love to do, but:

  • You can’t find the time for.
  • You’re not sure know how/where to start.
  • You’re afraid to admit you want to do it.
  • Ya know where the money will come from.
  • You fear being judged for it by family/friends/clients.
  • You’re just…afraid.

I feel you. I really do. That comfort zone thing is an easy place to live.

A wise man named Phil McKernan says, “…theĀ ultimate destination of fear is regret. I believe our fears are like old friends. Invite them to dinner, get to really know them, understand them, embrace them, and then let them go.”

I have sat down to dinner with my fears SO many times. I can’t even count how many times I had to do it on my Grand Canyon trip, during our decision to move to the mountains two years ago, and even during this most recent rafting adventure when I found my comfort zone lagging WAY behind the raft.

But, I do it. I sit with my fears. I name them out loud. I inquire why they’re here and what they are trying to teach me. And then I go and do the thing I’m afraid of.

And in the end, my fears don’t run the show. They don’t call the shots. And they don’t keep me from having adventures – big or small.

Some fears show up over and over again. That’s okay. I just welcome them in each time. We sit together. We have a chat. Sometimes we write. Sometimes we cry. Sometimes scream and yell. (Sometimes we do all those things at the same time.) Sometimes it’s a quick chat. Sometimes it’s a months-long chat.

In the end though, I move into action because I know what’s on the other side of fear: accomplishment – or at least the knowledge that I tried something new.

Gentle reader, can I help you move outside of your comfort zone to address a fear that’s keeping you from doing something – big or small – that you want to do?

One of my clients says about me:

“Angie is like a bazooka that explodes walls.”

I love hearing that she’s experienced me this way. I love guiding her to dismantle the barriers that once kept herĀ from feeling love, peace, happiness, and success.

May I do the same for you?

Make some room,

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P.S. My newest book, Make Some Room: Powerful Life Lessons Inspired by an Epic 16-day Colorado River Rafting Trip Through Grand Canyon, will be available July 1st through Amazon.com. I’m SO excited to share the whole book with you and will let you as soon the pre-order option is available.

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