Seriously? Pokemon GO? No.

Seriously? Pokemon GO? No.

Pokemon GoAll I keep hearing about right now is this “Pokemon GO” game. It’s described it as an augmented reality game which is free-to-play, location-based, and multiplayer. The online mobile game also supports its own custom “wearable tech.”

Sure. Whatever.

Instead, I have an idea…

How about you go outside and enjoy the trees?

Or go hiking or SUPing or for a run?

Or walk around your town (very location-based), with friends or family (multiplayer), for free (free-to-play), and check out the sights (the antithesis of “augmented reality”).

I am so. not. a. fan. of some of these all-consuming games.

Besides playing a game, there could be a bazillion other things you could spend time on.

You might have a list of things that are oddly exciting to just to you. Some might small, some might be big…

  • Write a book.
  • Or perform stand-up comedy.
  • Or maybe start your own business based on your ideas for actually helping people.

Others might be big things that seem important but lack that crucial urgency. Like pushing yourself to stay on the cutting edge of your profession. Making time to read important stuff (books, reports, etc.). Keeping your “idea muscle” in good working order. You know, just in case you get called on to help the world somehow.

Of course, Pokemon GO could be part of your profession. Challenging yourself in this way could help your idea muscle. I’m not sure though if it could actually help you change the world somehow (the REAL world…not the “augmented reality” world), but I’m open to that possibility…

Most people tell me they don’t have time to do the things they want to do, much less find the time to learn and play a game like Pokemon GO.

Fact is, I can help you find the time and make some room to get to those things I mentioned above…the ones that make you feel oddly excited or the big things that seem important but lack any true urgency.

You surely know I just wrote a book called Make Some Room. In that book, there’s a Make Some Room Manifesto. And on that Manifesto, I list a bunch of ways that can guide you to make some room.

I’ll be sharing short videos with you over the next many weeks to highlight some of the MSR Manifesto points.

Because Pokemon GO? NO.

Making time to change the world and help people? GO!

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