Regret vs. Possibility

Regret vs. Possibility

Your actions and decisions today will shape the way you will live in the future.I want to talk about regret versus possibility…see, my husband Nelson and I are dreamers (and doers).

We talk a lot about things we want to do and places we want to go. We talk about who we want to be next and where we want to live next. And then, we get what I call a “holy unrest” where we can’t stop thinking about the thing. We can’t not DO the thing. So, we cobble together something that looks like a plan and we pull the trigger.

On Facebook this week, I watched a video where someone placed a huge chalkboard on a fence in New York City. On the top of the board, they wrote: Write Your Biggest Regret and left chalk for people for leave their answers.

Turns out, the things people regret have a few things in common. They regret:

  • Chances not taken
  • Words not spoken
  • Dreams never pursued

Then they asked people to wipe the board clean.

Those responses were amazing!

  • It’s not my regret anymore.
  • I feel hopeful
  • It feels like possibility.
  • Now I have a clean slate.

The video ends with the message: Every day is a clean slate. Do the things you’ll regret NOT doing.

I wanted to stand up and cheer! Life is too short for regrets.

Nelson and I are in planning mode again.

Here are things we’re up to because we’ll regret NOT doing them:

Kayaking: In a couple weeks, we leave for a week-long trip to kayak four new-to-us springs across Florida. We’re hoping the manatee will be there because it’s always a thrill to see them.

Rafting: Next, we’ll be doing a 10-day, 150 mile rafting trip of the entire French Broad River between Rosman, NC and Newport, TN the first week of June. Since our epic 16-day, 225 mile rafting trip on the Grand Canyon a few years ago, we’ve been itching for another big, long adventure.

Book #4: I have submitted my upcoming book (Make Some Room: A Guide for a Good Life, Inspired by 225 miles River Miles Through Grand Canyon) to a variety of people to start collecting testimonials. I am also interested in finding a partner organization to write a chapter about how endangered the Colorado River is due to water overuse issues. Wish me luck! (And if you have a connection – hook a girl up, please.)

New Business Venture: Finally, as if all that weren’t enough, Nelson and I will be combining his outdoor leadership and guiding skills with my coaching and team facilitation skills to create a new business. We’ll be guiding business people to get outdoors, unplug, and reconnect with themselves in a purposeful way. We are ridiculously excited (and a bit nervous). We’ll have more to share as we continue to shape and form our vision. If you and/or your team would be interested in coming out to play with us, let me know.

Now, why did I tell you all that?
Watching the video I mentioned at the beginning of this post, combined with some conversations I’ve had with clients recently about bravery, persistence, and hustle, have really gotten me fired up.

I’m feeling like I want to yell from the rooftops JUST FREAKING DO IT!
Life is short. If you’re not happy, change something. If you know there’s more, go find it.

Just take one step. Make one call. Ask for help if you need it.

I believe in you. No regrets, okay? As we say in kayaking, “GO BIG OR GO HOME.”

Make some room,​ Angie Mattson Stegall

P.S. If you’re stuck and struggling, I can help. If you’re dreaming big, but feeling scared, I can help. Reach out and let’s talk about coaching together.

P.P.S: The Facebook video was created by Strayer University. It’s really good – worth the time to watch.

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